From the Lowest Point


Before This

8 hours before this very word I grasped at a superficial attempt to let you know I am still okay. It was st that, superficial. But 8 hours later I am free enough to give you more.

I must admit that right now I do not feel like doing this. I feel like I just want to hide; everyone knows now, everyone knows what I am. I slept for 13.5 hours, and could have stayed in bed. But I have trained myself to get up, put make up on, do my hair and face the world.

I woke up with a feeling of extreme anxiety. Have I lost credibility? Will people still consider me an asset as a friend, business partner and person that has the same deepest conviction that they knew before this?


In one of the darkest places I have been for quite some time, I was given one of the most precious gifts I have received from someone that only knows me for 3 days. He is the first ‘new person’ that I have allowed to be with me at this epicenter of turmoil.

He said this:

‘I don’t see a knife so I’m not a hostage.

I see someone beautiful in a trap and has all the keys with her in the cage. It’s just to dark from the inside to find the key hole.

I will help you find the key hole on the outside. You need to just give me the right key.

I’m with you and I will see to it that where you can’t hold on I’ll catch you.

If one rope breaks there are plenty more…we will get you out of this’

Enough said, I actually cannot add, detract or improve it.


‘Law, you got me.’

9 thoughts on “From the Lowest Point

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  5. I have no idea why the other blog articles you wrote subsequent to T -Junction post did not come through to my desk. Maybe there is a bit of a techie hitch on your side. I have yet to read the next posts, but by all accounts it looks to me that writer of that note above, might be ‘ your budding buddy!??
    By the way – what would it feel like for you if you knew that we appreciate your courage, your bravery and your cool-ness that you are revealing to us? That this is how we see you? Something that we don’t get to see in many others, since they are so busy covering up their true essence. To me your ‘ true confessions’ has made you more of a person, than less of a person. No need to hide. Come out with your guns blazing because right now, I appreciate you. It sure is an honour for me to be included into the listening of your story.

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    • It’s probably because I created a new blog. I have registered the domain do soon it will be my own shortly.
      Thank you do much again. I still wonder sometimes if this is worth it, feeling so exposed.
      But like our friend Robyn Lambrick said “you’re a creative, we heal differently”.
      Your support means more than you know 💝


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