Colmar & Countryside

Today we went to Colmar. The initial plan was to go to the Eco Musee, but unfortunately it was closed. The famous Alsacienne storks were everywhere to be seen on its rooftops.



Eco-Musee Alsace

From there were went to Colmar, mainly to see the statue of liberty replica


From there, we took a slow drive back through past Masevaux and on toΒ Bourbache-le-Haut


The baby pine trees


We stopped at the top of the road down to Bourbach-le-Haut, and took a short walk to view one of the war monuments.



“To Our Dead”


The view over the valley was breath-taking, even though we only appreciated it for a couple of minutes, due to the icy wind.


Below us us lies the sleepy Bourbach-le-Haut, a town of some 300 people.


This is the road we took a good 6 times while staying here. The Tour de France travels along this route.


Bourbach-le-Haut nestled below



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