Typhoon-like storm in Durban, South Africa

Taken from the Caltex KZN South Branded Marketer – All Fuels headquarters in Umhlanga Ridge, Durban this afternoon.

The whole day, there has been a strange pressure in the atmosphere, something was brewing.

And, thank you windguru for the early warning system

My colleague drew my attention to the approaching storm at 14:10.


The rain hasnt hit us yet, it is the light cloud that brings the cleansing rain down in sheets


The power of the storm dwarfs the giant companies in the new town centre


We flocked to the windows, and watched in awe as the storm moved towards our office block at an alarming rate.


Local radio station, Gagasi Fm seems small in the magnitude of the onslaught


Notice, the hill in the distance has disappeared


The white cloud is upon us, and the rain begins


The rain is upon us


The rain beats down, a true celestial orchestra

Just reminds me of how small we are


The rain continues to pout for around 50 minutes


And by 15:00, its all over


This taken at 15:55, all is quiet again


About a 20 minutes drive from here, In Stamfordhill Road in Durban, the after effects are severe.

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